Nicki Minaj(ニッキー・ミナージュ)がKenneth “Zoo” Pettyと着々と結婚式の準備を進めているようだ。









???????? Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty 10•21•19

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また、ニッキーは週末に出演したThe Shade Roomのインタビューにて、今後の予定について語った。「書類を提出したりはするけど、実際の結婚式はどうしようか迷ってる。小さい頃は誰でも大きな美しい結婚式を夢見るものだし、私自身そういうおとぎ話に憧れるタイプだったから、それを望んでいた。でも昔気にかけていたことは今ではあまり大切じゃなくなくなった。だから、今この人をとても愛しているし、親友でもあるから、やっと全部の準備が整ったって思う。いつかは大きな結婚式をやるわ。」



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? Sound on! _____________________________________ Earlier this week, #NickiMinaj dropped her highly anticipated #Fendi collection, and we were right there celebrating with her as she commemorated this new milestone that has all of the fashion industry talking. Aside from that, we sat down with Nicki and had an exclusive interview where we talked about what inspired the collection. As well as her upcoming nuptials to her man #KennethPetty, whether or not she’s really retiring, other artists she would love to collaborate with and much more. _____________________________________ If you’re like us, then you’ve been counting down the days since Nicki and Kenneth obtained their marriage license, as we wait for them to officially say their “I Do’s.” Nicki talked to us about their upcoming nuptials and whether or not they’re going to have a big wedding. _____________________________________ She said, “We’ll definitely do the paperwork portion of the marriage, but the actual wedding, I don’t know. You know when you’re a little girl and you want this big beautiful wedding, and I used to think I was one of those girls, I always wanted the fairytale. But then the things that used to matter to you don’t matter as much because I remember wanting those things with people, where real love wasn’t there. So now I feel like now that everything has finally lined up and matched up being that I’m madly in love with this man, he’s also my best friend, the things that used to matter to me before, don’t matter as much now. So yes, we’re going to have a big wedding eventually.” She also expressed how deeply in love she is right now, and the importance of——click the link in the bio to read more at

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また、リークされたカニエとの新曲「New Body」についても語ったニッキー。現在は方向性の違いからリリースを延期していると明かした。「面白いのは、カニエは私と曲を作った後で、作った曲をゴスペルソングにしたがっていること。3番までラップを書いているのにね。中々意見がまとまらないのよ。でも私はカニエもキムもリスペクトしているから、今後も話し合っていく」