6月6日、男性から性的暴行を受けたことをツイッターにて告白した後、行方不明になった19歳の活動家Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau(オルワトイン・サラウ)。彼女は1週間後に遺体で発見され、多くのヒップホップアーティストなどが追悼のコメントを公開している。


関連記事: ビヨンセが警察の勘違いにより寝ている間に殺害されたブリオナ・テイラー氏の事件について声明。「警官は解雇すらされていません」


オルワトイン・サラウは、人種差別的なシステムを廃止するための抗議活動「Black Lives Matter」に参加しており、フロリダ州タラハシーの活動家として知られていた。彼女は住むところがなく教会に避難しており、ある日、神職を装った男性から「教会まで車で乗せていく」と騙され、性的暴行を受けたとツイッターにて告白した後から行方不明になっていた。そして6月14日、彼女の遺体が路上で発見された。






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after fighting on the frontlines endlessly for Black lives, Oluwatoyin Salau tweeted a detailed description of being sexually assaulted by a man who offered her a place to sleep. she was seeking refuge from abuse at home. shortly after tweeting her experience, Toyin went missing for days. last night they found her body. you see the direct outcome of your lack of support for women, especially Black women, who need help? who need protection. who need to be believed. i’m talking to you, the person who’s immediate response to a woman coming out about assault with disbelief, interrogation, mockery, “why now”, “you want clout”. to those that scroll past Black women’s goFundMe’s titled “trying to escape my abusive home” by CHOICE, not because you don’t have the means to help. this is for you, the family member who silently watches assault take place IN YOUR FAMILY and does absolutely nothing about it (by choice). i’m talking to you, the person that remains friends with/stands by/supports abusive men… y’all will defend your rapey ass friends till the death. accuse women of deserving it. of asking for it. they couldn’t have possibly BEEN ASSAULTED. this is for all of us, Toyin’s story is tragically the story of way too many we don’t know the names of. ones we pass on the street everyday. we really have to do fuckin better at supporting eachother. Toyin’s life could’ve been saved at home. Toyin’s life could’ve been saved when she escaped and needed somewhere to stay. we ache for you, Oluwatoyin Salau. say her NAME. HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE IF THIS APPLIES TO YOU AND STRAIGHTEN THE FUCK UP.

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