Nipsey Hussle(ニプシー・ハッスル)とPumaのコラボ・コレクションが来月リリース



ラッパーとしてだけではなく、コミュニティ・リーダーとして多くの功績を残してきた故Nipsey Hussle(ニプシー・ハッスル)。そんな彼は生前にPumaとコラボ商品を作っていると明かしていたが、この度ニプシー・ハッスルの権利管理団体がPumaとのコラボ・コレクションが来月発売されることを発表した。


【関連記事】故Nipsey Hussle(ニプシー・ハッスル)の誕生日を祝して彼のインタビューを紹介。彼のスローガンである「マラソン」の意味とは?




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Our team is proud to announce that our first collaborative capsule with Puma drops on September 5th 2019. Nipsey spearheaded this project from concept to final product over the course of last year, flying to meetings, reviewing samples, bringing in material references he liked, and most importantly ensuring that it reflected his style authentically with no compromise. Each detail from logo placement, fit, colorways, and materials was thoughtfully done. His signature style and DNA can be found in each garment that’s part of this collection from the khaki suit to the tracksuit. This project is very special to our team and we’re handling it with the utmost care to ensure it’s delivered exactly as Nipsey envisioned it. It’s a privilege for us to honor his commitment and carry out this project for people to receive a personally curated collection by Nip Hussle Tha Great.

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