今年の9月7日に若くしてこの世を去った故Mac Miller(マック・ミラー)。彼が亡くなってから多くのファンやアーティストが彼にメッセージを送り続けている


そんな中The GuardianのOp-edにて、マック・ミラーの元マネージャーChristian Clancyが生前の彼と過ごしたインスピレーショナルな日々について語った。










マックが亡くなる2日前にも一緒に過ごしていたマネージャーのChristianだからこそわかる、生前の彼の姿が語られた。「Swimming Tour」は彼が生きていたとしたらどのようなツアーとなったのだろうか?マック・ミラーのご冥福を祈りたい。


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i don’t know what to say. it’s not real yet. you were more alive recently than i’ve seen in awhile. i feel like u kept things away from me at times, which ud never admit, but the shift was palatable.. it felt real… the clarity and purpose in your voice about life and ur future… joking about how close ur abs were to a 6 pack (debatable)….. perfect? no. who is. but the demons weren’t steering and the smiles were genuine. maybe at least until u were alone. you were as selfless a human being as i’ve ever known. everyone else’s happiness came first. never rocked the boat. maybe u should of. but that wasn’t ur style. my favorite thing about you is how u treated chloe. that said everything. i think youth had that innocence you craved, free from all the heaviness inside you.. the heaviness that got you. it’s a lesson for those of us that cook our emotions on the inside. a lesson to those who still feel invincible. this is gonna take awhile. you were an incredible human with an incredible family and friends who were all excited about the path you were on. you were so proud of “swimming” – it was the album you wanted to make. u did that and it’s brilliant. i’m heartbroken. i’m angry. but i love you and im gonna feel instead of cook this time. i’m grateful to have known such a beautiful human being whose main goal in life outside of his art was to make everyone around him ok. love u, malcolm.

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